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Most drivers do not give their steering or suspension systems any thought and do not realize something is wrong. When it comes to auto repair, especially your suspension or steering system, Accurate Auto is the number one choice to bring your vehicle. Since we are an Official Service Center, our customers trust that we will provide quality services. We service all makes and models and when you require quality repairs, you know which shop to bring your vehicle into. Stop by today and get the repairs your vehicle deserves.

Suspension Service Tigard OR

Have you ever been driving down the road and felt the road was a bit bumpier than average? That may be more than just the roads degrading over time, and it could be your vehicle’s suspension system wearing down. One of the more noticeable signs of suspension damage is when the vehicle seems to be bouncier than usual. Some other signs could be leaking, trouble braking, one side of the vehicle being lower than the other, or your vehicle will sway while driving. If you notice any of these signs, bring your vehicle in for an inspection and repair your suspension system. After you bring your vehicle in, your ride will be as smooth as when you got it—no more unnecessary bouncing.

Steering Repair Tigard OR

As drivers, we do not think about our steering system too often. Did you know that it would be five times harder to turn the steering wheel without a properly functioning power steering pump? Imagine driving a vehicle without a power steering pump. Good thing you don’t have to imagine that since most vehicles come with a power steering pump. When the steering wheel becomes harder to turn, it could be the steering pump, and if the vehicle itself is not turning correctly, it could be something worse. Since the steering system is made up of several parts working together to guide your vehicle, it could be challenging to know what part is not working correctly. Bring your vehicle in for an inspection today to get you the proper repair. With a proper working steering system, you will be safer and better control your vehicle.

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Your steering and suspension systems work together to keep you and others safe while driving. With Accurate Auto on your side, there is no reason why your vehicle is not working as it should. Give us a call or set your next appointment online today.

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