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Have you ever started your vehicle perfectly fine in the morning, and then later in the day, you go to start your car, and it won’t turn over? If this ever happens, you can always rely on the experts at T. Sandia Motors in Tigard OR to help resolve your vehicle’s electrical problems. Whether it is your starter, alternator, battery, or any other electrical issue, we are here to help.

Electrical Services Tigard OR

When you hear that your vehicle has an electrical problem, you probably think it will cost an arm and a leg and take days to repair. We are here to change that mindset and ensure you that we can resolve the issue in no time at a fair price. Your vehicle’s electrical system is comprised of the alternator, the starter, your vehicle’s battery, and a whole bunch of wires and light bulbs. Your battery provides power to all the systems in your vehicle, the alternator is what keeps your battery charged consistently, and your starter is what turns on your vehicle when you turn the key. If you are experiencing dim headlights or your vehicle won’t start, bring your vehicle in for service.

Alternator and Starter Services

When experiencing any form of electrical problem in your vehicle, the first thing you should do is have your battery checked and possibly serviced. If your battery is working correctly, then it might be your alternator is failing. This will lead to your battery not being charged while driving and could cause problems when starting your vehicle. The alternator charges your vehicle’s battery by tuning a magnet surrounded by a copper coil. A pulley system turns this magnet. If your alternator and battery are working correctly and your vehicle still will not start, it most likely will be your starter. This is no challenge for our mechanics, and we can get your starter tested and replaced for you. Electrical problems do not need to be a hassle when bringing your vehicle to Accurate Auto in Tigard OR.

Electrical Service Near Me

Bring your vehicle into our shop today for the right solution to your electrical problems. We provide our customers with knowledge, experience, quality, and reliable repairs. Let us get your vehicle starting every time you turn the key. Set your next service appointment online, or give us a call today. We are looking forward to helping fix your vehicle.

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