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Nothing sends a sinking feeling into the depths of your stomach than the check engine light turning on. No matter what vehicle you drive, this is never a fun light to come on. This means there is something wrong with your vehicle, and it needs to be brought into a reliable auto repair shop conveniently located near you and has affordable pricing. Okay, it doesn’t mean all that, but it does mean you should bring your vehicle in for service. No matter what vehicle you might drive, there is no better choice than Accurate Auto in Tigard OR.

The Check Engine Light

What is it, and why does it make me feel worried when it comes on? The check engine light is nothing to be concerned about as long as you don’t let it stay on for an extended period and you bring it to an auto repair shop as soon as you can. The check engine light is just your vehicle’s way of telling you something is not right and needs to be inspected. If only our vehicles could talk. When you bring your vehicle into our shop to have the check engine light turned off, our mechanics start with a diagnostic. They read the code provided by the check engine light and then use that code as a guide to find the problem and recommend the right solution.

Diagnostic Testing Tigard OR

Our technicians need three things to find the problem and fix your vehicle. They need our state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, years of experience and knowledge, and finally, the code provided by the check engine light. When you bring your vehicle in for a diagnostic, our mechanics will read the code, identify the cause, and recommend the proper fix to you. We believe in fixing the problem right the first time, and we believe in honest practices. That means we only recommend what is needed and perform the repairs you approved. Get a reliable diagnostic from our expert mechanics today and get your vehicle fixed.

Diagnostic Testing Near Me

Do not delay getting your car fixed. Give us a call, stop by the shop, or set your next diagnostic appointment online today. We are known for having exceptional customer service and providing repairs that last. We are your dealership alternative and welcome you to our automotive family. Get the repairs your vehicle deserves with service and repair from Accurate Auto.

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