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Regardless of the time of year, there will be some days when it is hotter than usual and some days cooler than average. At Accurate Auto, we believe in ensuring our customers are comfortable while driving year-round. We accomplish this by offering quality auto AC and heating repairs and services. There is no need for you ever to have to turn on the heater and wait a few hours, just to have not a single trace of warm air blowing in your face. See us today if you have experienced your AC or heater not working correctly.

Auto AC Repair Tigard OR

Nothing is worse than getting into your vehicle on one of those warmer days, and when you crank the AC, it never seems to get cool. That is when you need to see our expert mechanics and have them inspect your auto ac system. No matter what AC issues you might experience, you know it will be fixed right the first time. We are an Offical Service Center, meaning we are certified to fix your vehicle’s AC system. We only provide the best quality parts for your AC system. Bring your car in today if you are smelling a weird odor coming from the vents or the air is the wrong temperature.

Auto Heat Repair Tigard OR

Imagine the same scenario, but it’s one of those more common cold weather days. You wake up, start the heater in your car, rush back inside to get ready for the day. You go outside expecting a nice, warm car waiting for you, but it is just as cold as when you started it this morning. At Accurate Auto in Tigard OR, we believe that none of our customers should ever experience driving uncomfortable in their vehicle. Bring your vehicle into our shop today, and we will get your heater working again in no time. Plus, our rentals have excellent heaters in them.

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Accurate Auto is the best auto repair shop in Tigard OR, for you to bring your vehicle. We provide our customers with knowledge, experience, quality, and reliable repairs. Let us help get your auto AC & heating systems working properly again. Set your next service appointment online, or give us a call today. We are looking forward to helping fix your vehicle.

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